The band formed when Jeremy Hilliard (guitar) and Ryan Rightmire (harmonica) became neighbors on New York’s east side.  Hailing from Richmond, Virginia and Long Island, NY (respectively), they both came to New York in search of like-minded musicians when they moved in next door to each other.  They made an album as a duo and began touring extensively.  Since then, the band has changed instrumentation several times. This, combined with their love of exploring different styles has made it hard to pigeonhole them.  In an improv-centric scene they have put songwriting first. By taking this approach they have amassed a truly deep and varied catalogue of great material, all the while growing significantly as players.  They have never backed away from their core beliefs that a song should stand the test of time and that an improvising band should take risks.  The sound of the band has been consistent- it always been based around Ryan Rightmires’ unique experimental harmonica playing and Jeremy Hilliard’s soulful, exploratory guitar and poetic songwriting.

Most recently, they released Shakin’ Off the Shock, their most tightly groove-oriented work to date, based partly on the drumming of Dale Paddyfote who leads an incredibly agile rhythm section that propels the songs and jams. 

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