Turbine Tribune – 06.25.12 Summer Tour

7.26.12 – Triumph Brewing Co. (Philadelphia, PA)
7.27.12 – Bullfrog Brewery (Williamsport, PA)
7.28.12 – Summer Hookah at Nelson Ledges (Garrettsville, OH)
8.02.12 – Martin’s Downtown Bar (Roanoke, VA)
8.03.12 – Blue Bourbon Jacks (High Point, NC)
8.04.12 – The Loft at Benchwarmers (Salisbury, NC)
8.05.12 – Backstreet Pub (Beaufort, NC)
8.07.12 – The Box (Charlottesville, VA)
8.09.12 – The Camel (Richmond, VA)
8.10.12 – The Big What (Prospect, NC)
8.11.12 – The Bayou on Penn (Washington, DC)
8.17.12 – Backwoods Pond Fest (Peru, NY)
8.23.12 – NY Boat Cruise (NY, NY)
8.25.12 – Stella Blues (New Haven, CT)
9.06.12 – The Blockley (Philadelphia, PA)
9.07.12 – Catskill Chill (Hancock, NY)
9.08.12 – Apple Jam Festival (Bondsville, MA)
9.22.12 – Rockin Roast (North Brookfield, MA)
9.28.12 – Heads in Harmony Festival 2 (Norridgewock, ME)

Summer’s here and we have lots of shows coming up! Check the tour page for more info as well as additional shows that will be added. Also, lots of posters will be available at the shows as well as our new Turbine pin!

We’ve done a huge expansion on the store with music, t-shirts, and posters. Go take a look!

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Spread the word about upcoming shows! We could use your help putting up posters, handing out fliers at other shows and helping to sell merch at Turbine shows. If you are interested in helping out, please email propellers@turbinemusic.com and we\’ll hook you up with what you need. In exchange for your love and support, the guys can put you on the guest list and hook you up with some swag.